To get to know you in California
I needed three airplanes, two bags and a gardening manual.
I ate exactly fifteen avocados and drank exactly twenty two coffees
before stealing a bike for myself. After I stole this red bike
I realized I wasn't in Porto anymore. Too many palm trees.
So I bought a little cup of coffee just to prove a point.
As soon I found out that any kind of Californian coffee would fit in such a                                                                                                  [small cup
I abandoned the idea. Actio personalis moritur cum persona.
And immediately after I took a bath in Del Playa, immediately after the 

and the yellow I survived to a flu in California. And as soon as the fever ended
I wrote a poem about the noise of the tap in my Californian kitchen.
Later I got to know my condo's cat one day during the morning
laying down on the sunny floor. I spoke with the cat for ten minutes
because a Californian cat is no different from any cat in the world.
I carried a bed, ran a shopping car with both feet, read Elizabeth Bishop and touched the biggest tree in the South before I met you in California. I also bought a pair of pants, a cigarette pack and a lighter where it is written light                                                                                                                              [my fire
because in California I have a bad taste for lighters. 
I told my first Spanish sentence chica, no puedo todavía hablar español
to a fortune teller in Santa Monica pier while eating shrimps
before you taught me Spanish mientras hablábamos sobre nuestras vidas en                                                                                                       [Califórnia
and then I realized that I could've known you in Guatemala, Mozambique who knows if in Japan
when I met you in California, just because I used to park this same bike at your door even before I stole it

and because your eyes have two colors, mostly because your eyes have two colors